Tax Preparers You Can Trust

[Ileana Pauly]

Charlotte, NC


CP Accounting is a new tax preparation and accounting office that recently opened its doors in Pineville. CP Accounting helps its customers to fulfill their tax obligations at very competitive rates.

CP Accounting’s owner, Cinddy Pozo, is a bank administrator and she worked in the Ecuadorian stock exchange business for several years. She holds a college title on Accounting from Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). After working for various companies, Mrs. Pozo decided to open her own business.

“I have many expectations and my primary goal is to put my knowledge at my client’s; disposal and specially serve the Latino community the best way we can.” Stated Pozo, who is a certified IRS tax preparer.

To meet our customers’ needs, CP Accounting uses two of the best software applications such as TaxWise to prepare personal and corporate taxes and Quick Books Online for accounting purposes.

“Our customers can get in touch with at anytime during the year, not only during tax season. Some tax offices offer their services during tax season, but IRS letters may arrive at any moment!

Every year, the IRS selects a tax return via a draw to run an audit and that is when so many people feel in limbo, because the office that helped them with their taxes was only opened during tax period.

We are here to support our clients at any moment” Said Pozo. Do not postpone your tax reimbursement!

Published in Mundo Latino Newspaper.

January 20 de 2015

Charlotte, NC